We are long past the days of the old homemade pot brownie that taste like pure weed concentrate with a tiny hint of chocolate. With all of the new ways to infuse your food and the popularity of cannabis consumption increases, we often hear the question, “What is the best dose for edibles for a beginner”? 

This question is very tricky to answer due to the various strains, infusion methods, and tolerance levels. With all these variables, edibles are nothing to fear when done right, and with legalization has come regulation. Now there are strict laws that help regulate the dosage of cannabis-infused edibles.

With all this said, I know you’ve probably heard a story about someone having a bad trip. A bad trip is possible if you don’t take the time to understand your reaction to THC, especially when consuming an edible. By following these next steps, you’ll be better prepared to elevate your marijuana experience.

Edibles vs Smoking: How they work

When you are smoking weed, you are ingesting the THC and cannabinoids through your lungs. This process requires the flower or concentrate to be heated, which can be harmful to your lungs. For that reason, people search for how to ingest weed without smoking. When consuming weed using the various types of edibles, your body must digest the food first. When digested, it makes its way through the intestines. Then into the liver where it is broken down sent into the bloodstream. 

7 Tips for Consuming Edibles for Beginners 

  1.  Shop at a legitimate dispensary that carries lab-tested products.
  2. Take time off, make sure your schedule is clear the effects can last 8 hours and possibly in your system the next day.
  3. Start with a low dose, build your way up to higher doses do not dive in headfirst when taking edibles.
  4. Time your Doses, wait at least 1-2 hours between doses depending on your experience with THC.
  5. Do not take on an empty stomach; having food in your system will improve your body’s reaction to the THC.
  6.  Avoid THC infused meals if you are a first time user. It much harder to accurately dose as a beginner when eating a meal with multiple infused items.
  7. Keep CBD on hand. CBD is the equalizer to THC and can quickly help remedy the effects of THC. 

What is the Best Dose For Edibles

Finding the best dose is a process and does require some experimenting, but if you follow the tips above, you should be perfectly fine. Here are some basic guidelines to finding what dose is best for you(Remember start with a low dose and build your way up over time).

1 to 2.5 mg of THC
  • Effects: Mild pain relief, Stress release, can help with anxiety and focus.
  • Excellent starter place for first-time marijuana consumers.
2.5-15 mg of THC
  •  Effects: Strong pain relief, feelings of euphoria, potential impacts to motor functions.
  • Great for experienced users not looking for an intense high
30 – 50 mg of THC
  • Effects: Extreme feeling of euphoria, and impaired motor functions.
  • Perfect for High Tolerance users
50-100 mg of THc
  • Effects: Highly impared coordination and perception. Feeling of sickness depending on tolerance.
  • Must be experienced, high tolerance, or used as a supplement to medication with doctor recommendation.

In Conclusion 

At the end of the day, the best edible dosage for beginners comes down to the user themselves. The safest dosage for beginners is 1 to 1.5 and to slowly work your way up into higher doses if needed. Take the time to fully understand how marijuana edibles affect you and make sure you are in the correct setting. Edibles can be a healthier alternative to smoking, especially those with pre-existing health conditions that affect the respiratory system and heart. Follow the proper steps and Enjoy your edible adventures!