You are either here because you are looking to try marijuana for the first time and want to know what to do when you get too high, or because you’re currently too high and you’re scanning the internet for help. If the ladder applies, let this be the final stop along your search, so you don’t stumble across misinformation or increase your anxiety by going down the slippery slope of self-diagnosing. If you are new to cannabis, the best thing you can do to prevent getting too high is knowing your limits.

Often, experienced users get too high because they push their limitations or are overconfident and begin to disregard the THC levels in their buds and edibles. If you can avoid doing those things and know your limits, you are far less likely to get too high. We will talk about some of the symptoms of being too high, so you know how to spot it and various ways to remedy it.

What are the symptoms of being too high?

Some of the most common symptoms of being too high on cannabis are anxiety, nausea, paranoia, or extreme nervousness. Some people have also reported having various degrees of loss of motor functions similar to drinking too much alcohol. The most important thing to know when you feel like you are too high is that you cannot die from marijuana overdosing. Due to the symptoms of being too high, it is essential to find ways to calm yourself and get your high under control. If you find yourself too high, please avoid driving. Those with food allergies, check the ingredients on all edible products and avoid anything that doesn’t list them.

Here are 7 things to do when you get too high.

1. Don’t Panic

Panicking is one of the worst things you can do in this situation and will amplify the symptoms listed above feeling. When you panic, you prevent the feelings from passing over, and instead, you fixate on them. Please take a deep breath and know that it’s only temporary.

2. Stay Hydrated and Eat

Lack of proper hydration is one of the main reasons people begin to feel nausea and can be prevented by hydrating before consuming cannabis. This can be amplified when taking an edible; you want to have food and water in your system. Without food, edibles will metabolize faster, and instead of the high slowly building, it can all hit at once, which can be overwhelming.

3. Find a place to relax.

If this occurs while in public, find an area that’s comfortable and away from unknown people. This will help ease any anxiety or paranoia coming from outside sources.

4. Take a shower or a bath.

A cold shower is a great way to shock the body and can help lessen a high. A warm shower or bath is an excellent way to calm down, and this can be furthered with the use of essential oils.

5. Distract yourself.

Call a friend, listen to your favorite music, or try doing one of your hobbies. Finding something to focus on can help, especially with anxiety. Hands-on activities help focus your energy if you are feeling nervous. Television and Video games can help combat anxiety as they provide an escape from reality.

6. Try a home remedy

A popular home remedy that some have found helpful is smelling Black Pepper. Another remedy is bitting into a lemon. People have found biting in lemon helps ground them and reduces their anxiety. This has personally worked for me; the sour taste instantly takes over my focus and makes me forget what I was anxious about before.

7. Take some CBD

CBD is known to help calm the effects of THC and is excellent for relaxation in general. CBD comes in various forms; you can smoke/vape it, find it in edibles and different topicals. Vaping and edibles are two of my go-to ways to combat getting too high. Similar to THC, CBD is a type of cannabinoid. But unlike THC, which produces the highCBD communicates with separate receptors in your brain.

In conclusion

Being too high is only a temporary reaction, and there are various ways to help remedy what you are feeling. If you are going to follow any of the steps, let it be the first, and don’t panic. Staying calm and the symptoms will soon pass so you can go back to enjoying your high. If you have other existing health conditions, please take those into account and contact help.